If you don’t mind read the accompanying terms and conditions cautiously as your utilization of administration is dependent upon your acknowledgment of and consistent with the accompanying terms and conditions (“Terms”).

By buying in to or utilizing any of our administrations you concur that you have perused, comprehended and are limited by the Terms, paying little heed to how you buy in to or utilize the administrations. On the off chance that you would prefer not to be limited by the Terms, you should not buy in to or utilize our administrations. These Terms and different arrangements are authoritative according to the arrangements of the Information Technology (Intermediaries rules) Rules, 2011 figured under the Information Technology Act of 2000. In these Terms, references to “you”, “Client” will mean the end client getting to the Website, its substance and utilizing the Services offered through the Website, “Specialist organizations” mean autonomous outsider specialist co-ops, and “we”, “us” and “our” will mean Siddhas world. also, its associates.

1. Introduction:

a) www.siddhasworld.com (“Website”) is an Internet-based substance and electronic business entrance approved by Siddhas world, an association intertwined under the laws of India. 

b) Use of the Website is offered to you shaped on affirmation without modification of the significant number of terms, conditions, and warnings contained in these Terms, as may be posted on the Website from time to time. www.siddhasworld.com at its sole watchfulness holds the benefit not to recognize a User from selecting on the Website without giving out any clarification thereof.

2. User Account, Password, and Security:

You will get a mystery key and record information subsequent to completing the Website’s enlistment methodology. You are subject to keep up the protection of the mystery expression and account and are totally obligated for all activities that occur under your mystery key or record. You agree to (a) speedily inform www.siddhasworld.com regarding any unapproved usage of your mystery word or record or some other burst of security, and (b) ensure that you Logout from your record around the completion of each gathering. www.siddhasworld.com can’t and won’t be in danger for any hardship or damage rising up out of your powerlessness to consent to this Section 2.

4. Privacy Policy:

The User along with these lines consents conveys and agrees that he has scrutinized and totally grasps the Privacy Policy of www.siddhasworld.com. The customer further consents that the terms and substance of such Privacy Policy are sufficient to him.

5. Limited User:

The User agrees and grasps not to make sense of, modify, copy, pass on, transmit, appear, download, perform, reproduce, convey, grant, make auxiliary works from, move, or sell any information or programming got from the Website. Compelled age and recreating of the substance of the Website is permitted given that Siddhas world Ayurved’s name is communicated as the source and prior made approval out of www.siddhasworld.com is searched for. For the clearing of vulnerability, it is clarified that vast or rebate expansion, duplicating of the substance for business or non-business purposes and unjustifiable alteration of data and information inside the substance of the Website isn’t permitted.

6. User Conduct and Rules:

You agree and grasp to use the Website and the Service just to post and move messages and material that are fitting. By strategy for example, and not as an obstruction, you agree and grasp that while using a Service, you won’t: 

(a) Defame, abuse, upset, stalk, bargain or regardless harm the genuine benefits of others; 

(b) Publish, post, move, scatter or disperse any off-base, profane, trashing, infringing, foul, indecent or unlawful topic, name, material or information; 

(c) Upload archives that contain programming or other material made sure about by authorized development laws with the exception of in the event that you have or control the rights thereto or have gotten each significant consent; you case or control the rights thereto or have gotten each crucial consent; 

(d)Upload or fitting records that contain diseases, spoiled reports, or some other similar programming or undertakings that may hurt the movement of the Website or another’s PC; 

(e)Conduct or advance audits, challenges, false plans of action or systems administration letters; 

(f) Download any report posted by another customer of a Service that you know, or reasonably should know, can’t be authentically dispersed in such way; 

(g) Falsify or delete any maker attributions, real or other suitable warning or prohibitive assignments or names of the root or wellspring of programming or other material contained in a record that is moved; 

(h) Violate any arrangement of standards or various principles, which may be relevant for or to a particular Service; 

(I) Violate any proper laws or rules for the present in power in or outside India; and 

(j) Violate, abuse, untrustworthy control or experience any of the terms and conditions of this Agreement or some different terms and conditions for the use of the Website contained elsewhere.

7. User Warranty and Representation:

The customer guarantees, warrants, and ensures that you are the owner of the substance which you submit or regardless endorsed to use the substance and that the substance doesn’t infringe upon the property rights, authorized development rights or various benefits of others. You further warrant that most definitely, no action, suit, proceeding, or assessment has been sorted out or undermined relating to any substance, including trademark, trade name organization engraving, and copyright before or starting at now used by you with respect to the Services rendered by www.siddhasworld.com.

8. Exactness Not Guaranteed:

www.siddhasworld.com, therefore, repudiates any assurances of precision with regards to the completion and presence of the last Product as requested by the client. The nature of any items, Services, data, or other material bought or got by you through the Website may not live up to your desires. Modifications to specific parts of your request, for example, the product brand, size, shading and so on might be required because of impediments brought about by accessibility of item contrast in size diagrams of separate brands and so forth. Right now concur that www.siddhasworld.com will send an endorsement demand by means of email address, which you submitted while putting in your request. In the event that you don’t concur with the mentioned change, you hold the option to dismiss the mentioned creation change by answering to it inside 4 days of it being sent to you. www.siddhasworld.com may re-demand that you acknowledge a creation change one extra time if an elective strategy to send your product is accessible. On the off chance that you dismiss this second solicitation, your request will be dropped and you will be completely discounted by means of your underlying technique for installment.

9. Intellectual Property Rights:

a) Unless regardless appeared or anything contained in reality or any elite material controlled by a pariah in this manner unequivocally referenced, www.siddhasworld.com asserts all Intellectual Property Rights to and into the Website, including, without limitation, any rights, title and excitement for and to copyright, related rights, licenses, utility models, trademarks, trade names, organization marks, structures, know-how, trade insider realities and improvements (whether or not patentable or not), liberality, source code, meta names, databases, content, content, delineations, images, and hyperlinks. You perceive and agree that you won’t use, copy or proper any substance from the Website having a spot with www.siddhasworld.com without getting the endorsement from www.siddhasworld.com. 

b) Notwithstanding the past, it is expressly clarified that you will hold ownership and will solely be responsible for any substance that you give or move while using any Service, including any substance, data, information, pictures, photographs, music, sound, video or some other material which you may move, transmit or store while using our distinctive Service. Regardless, as for the thing customization Service (as against various Services like locales and get-togethers) you unequivocally agree that by moving and introducing content on the Website for an open survey and engendering/usage of your substance by untouchable customers, you recognize the User whereby you grant a non-prohibitive license for the use of the comparable.

10. Disclaimer of Warranties/Limitation of Liability:

www.siddhasworld.com has attempted to ensure that all the information on the Website is correct, anyway www.siddhasworld.com neither warrants nor makes any depictions regarding the quality, exactness or finish of any data, information, thing or Service. In no event will www.siddhasworld.com be committed for any quick, winding, remedial, adventitious, remarkable, huge damages or some different damages coming about in light of: 

(a) The usage or the inability to use the Services or Products; 

(b) Unauthorized access to or alteration of the customer’s transmissions or data; 

(c) Any other issue relating to the organizations; including, without imprisonment, hurt for the loss of use, data or advantages, rising out of or in any way connected with the use or execution of the Website or Service. Neither will www.siddhasworld.com be liable for the deferment or frailty to use the Website or related organizations, the course of action of or powerlessness to offer Types of help, or for any information, programming, things, benefits, and related plans got past the Website or regardless arising out of the usage of the webpage, whether or not reliant on contract, tort, lack of regard, demanding danger or something different. Further, www.siddhasworld.com won’t be viewed as liable for non-availability of the Website during periodic upkeep undertakings or any off the cuff suspension of access to the webpage that may happen as a result of particular reasons or under any conditions outside www.siddhasworld.com’s capacity to control. The customer grasps and agrees that any material just as data downloaded or regardless procured through the Website is done totally at their own thoughtfulness and peril and they will be only at risk for any mischief to their PC structures or loss of data that results from the download of such material and extra data.

11. Indemnification:

You agree to reimburse, shield and hold harmless www.siddhasworld.com from and against any hardships, liabilities, claims, damages, costs, and costs (recalling legal costs and dispersions for affiliation therewith and interest chargeable thus) proclaimed against or brought about by www.siddhasworld.com that arise out of, result from, or maybe payable by morals of, any break or non-execution of any depiction, assurance, agreement or understanding made or responsibility to be performed by you according to these Terms.

12. Pricing:

Expenses for things are depicted on our Website and are joined into these Terms by reference. All expenses are in Indian rupees. Costs, things and Services may change at www.siddhasworld.com’s watchfulness.

13. Shipping:

Siddhas world certifications to ship things with in any event One month of thing time allotment of practical ease of use One month before expiry.

14. Termination:

a) www.siddhasworld.com may suspend or end your usage of the Website or any Service in case it acknowledges, in its sole and incomparable consideration that you have burst, ignored, misused, or insincerely controlled or abused any term of these Terms or at any rate regardless acted misleadingly. 

b) Notwithstanding Section 14.a over, these Terms will suffer uncertainly with the exception of if and until www.siddhasworld.com chooses to end them. 

c) If you or www.siddhasworld.com closes your usage of the Website or any Service, www.siddhasworld.com may delete any substance or various materials relating to your use of the Service and www.siddhasworld.com will have no commitment to you or any untouchable for doing accordingly. 

d) You will be in danger to pay for any service or thing that you have quite recently masterminded till the hour of Termination by either party by any means. Further, you will be equipped for your sway portions as per the User License Agreement that has or is legally viewed as accumulated to you.

15. Governing Law:

These terms will be controlled by and worked according to the laws of India without reference to battle of laws gauges and discussions developing in association hereto will be needy upon the specific region of the courts at Haridwar, Uttarakhand

16. Severability:

In case any course of action of the Terms is made plans to be invalid or unenforceable in whole or somewhat, such inadequacy or unenforceability will affix just to such game plan or part of such game plan and the remainder of the bit of such game plan and each other game plan of these Terms will continue being in full force and effect.

17. Report Abuse:

As per these Terms, customers are solely responsible for every material or substance moved on to the Website. Customers can be held honestly in danger for their substance and may be considered legally dependable if their substance or material join, for example, stigmatizing comments or material made sure about by copyright, trademark, etc. If you run over any abuse or encroachment of these Terms, you should report at electronic business siddhas world with Subject heading “Report Abuse”.

18. My Privilege terms of use:


1.1. These terms and conditions are operational just in India and open to the enthusiasm of all the enrolled people, tenant of India of www.siddhasworld.com, well past the age of 18 years. 

1.2. The program may be loosened up to various geographies and various groups at www.siddhasworld.com’s mindfulness. 

1.3. Enlistment will be offered to the MY Privilege(program picture name) 

1.4. New Customers will get enlistment to the program on enrollment. Each and every current customer are given a free interest to the program

1.5. The investment will be perceived by a single selected email id confirmed by the enrolled part at the time of the first login on www.siddhasworld.com’s site page. 

1.6. Two email ids can’t be joined under a singular enlistment. 

1.7. Interest will be established for existing and new people/customers as follows: 

I. Incited as per usual. 

ii. For new customers/part – on enlisting with www.siddhasworld.com. 

1.8. Interest is authentic for life until such time as www.siddhasworld.com decided to end this Website i.e., www.siddhasworld.com, with or without notice to its people.


2.1. Each part is liable for remaining capable of the www.siddhasworld.com program Terms and Conditions and the number of centers in their record. 

2.2. www.siddhasworld.com won’t be committed or liable for correspondence lost or conceded by means of the mail station/email. 

2.3. www.siddhasworld.com keeps up whatever authority is expected to can’t, right, move or drop the interest of any Member without consigning any clarification and without prior notification. 

2.4. Any modification in the name, address, or other information relating to the Member must be educated to www.siddhasworld.com by implies regarding the Helpdesk/email by the Member, at the most punctual open door at ecommerce@siddhas worldayurved.org. 

2.5. www.siddhasworld.com keeps up whatever authority is expected to incorporate, adjust, eradicate or regardless change the Terms and Conditions with no underwriting, prior warning or reference to the Member. 

2.6. If there should be an occurrence of the challenge with respect to www.siddhasworld.com program and the comprehension of Terms and Conditions, www.siddhasworld.com’s decision will be definitive and official. 

2.7. This Policy and these terms will be scrutinized identified with the standard authentic plans of www.siddhasworld.com, including its Privacy methodology.