Kabasura kudineer a nice ayurvedic immunity booster powder is geared up for disposing of diseases inside the airways. As we all recognize COVID 19 i.e. Corona is a breathing illness. It infected the air sac because of which infected person isn’t always capable of breathing properly. Kabasura kudineer helped you to do away with the virus from the airway. Kabasura kudineer also helps in boosting immunity. This Ayurvedic Immunity booster powder contains ayurvedic ingredients like Zingiber officinale Rz.(Chukku), Piper longum Dr.Fr. (Thippili), Syzygium aromaticum St.Bk. (Lavangam), Tragia involucrata Rt. (Cirukancori Ver) and so on (stated below) helps you to boost your immunity. It enables you to combat towards coronavirus. If mistakenly this virus enters your frame it will no longer harm you in case your immunity is strong.

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